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designs all manufactured by industry leaders in fiberglass swimming pools, Latham Int. & Trilogy Pools.  Liquid Elements Custom Pools and Spas can install your new fiberglass pool in as little as 2 weeks in most cases.  We have a pool for every budget and great financing for you to take advantage of.

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Available Fiberglass Pool Designs

All Pools are not created equal, Liquid Elements has spent many years in the in ground pool industry, specifically fiberglass.  Over the years we have had extensive experience with various brands of fiberglass pools and the way they are manufactured.  We know that all the pools in our line are manufactured to the highest quality, from the materials used to build the pool structure to the final pool finish.   All our fiberglass pools have the best factory warranties and are backed by the manufacturers.  Let the professionals at Liquid Elements properly install your fiberglass 

Utilize our free design service, simply pick the fiberglass pool that interest you and our team will produce a full color 3D print of that pool in your yard with your ideas or help from us.  Visually see the pool in your new outdoor living area free of charge. See our design page for information.

Trilogy pools have combined the convienence of owning fiberglass and the custom build options that were once only acheived by gunite and created a truly upscale fiberglass pool line that is unlike any in the market today.  The design possibilities are endless with tanning ledges, wading pools, splash zones and spas that all fit together with their custom shapes and sizes. The custom designs allow for easy elevation changes and spill over water features.  Complete custom pools without long weeks of construction.
Trilogy Fusion Line

By all standards, the FUSION line expands the boundaries of fiberglass pool design. With these modular options, you can now integrate Fusion into your backyard setting according to your own personal vision. The result is a visually stunning ambience that never fails to inspire.
It’s an ideal backdrop for endless hours of entertainment. It’s like customizing your backyard to suit your lifestyle perfectly. And that sound you hear? That’s a blend of splashing water and exhilaration.

                       Gemini                                                               Europa
      16' width x 32' length max depth 5'4"          14' width x 28' length max depth 5'4"

                               Cassini                                                   Magellan
          16' width x 36' length max depth 5'4"           16' width x 36' length max depth 5'4"  





                                   Solstice                                                               Helios
     11.9' width x 20.8' length max depth 5'4"            12' width x 24' length max depth 5'4"  
                               Rembrandt                                                  Picasso
          16' width x 38' length max depth 5'4"               12' width x 24' length max depth 5'4" 
                                                                                             Picasso Shallow/Splash Pool
                                                                                             12' width x 24' length depth 2'3"


                            Hyperion                                                  Regulus 
              16' width x 43.4" length                           16' width x 44'6" length
                      max depth 5'4"                                          max depth 5'4"  

Trilogy's Tanning Ledges, Splash Zones and Wading Pools.  Create a complete pool scape using shallow ledges and splash zones.  These ledges can be combined or used alone for a truly unique swimming pool design.  Rich landscapes and dramatic elevations can be achieved with Trilogy Fiberglass Pools. The following photos show some of the ways these designs work together. 

1/2 Fountain Ledge     Fountain Ledge          Semi-Circle Ledge         Gemini Ledge              Gemini Ledge
7'8"x4'2"  8" depth      7'8"x7'8" 8" depth       16'x8'4"  10" depth       15'6"x8'8" 10" depth       18'x8'10"  10" depth

      Gemini Ledge                   Europa Tanning Ledge                     Europa Cir Tanning Ledge
                                              14'x28'  10" depth                              14'x28'10" depth

Liquid Elements Cutting Edge Fiberglass Installations are changing the future of fiberglass Pools....Endless designs, elevations and combinations create the perfect outdoor living experience


Trilogy's Classic Fiberglass Pool Line

               Utopia                                          Galileo                             Equinox & Titan
15'6" width x 35'5" length         15'4" width x 37' length            15'4" width x 34'8" length
max depth 6'4"                        max depth 6'11"                        * Equinox max depth 5'6"
                                                                                                      * Titan max depth 8'4"  *deep

               Infinity                                         Cassini                                     Aquarius
14' width x 32' length            16' width x 36' length                13'3" width x 31' length
max depth 5'6"                        max depth 5'4"                            max depth 5'10"

                  Orion                                         Corona                                    Voyager
14' width x 28' length                12' width x 25'4" length         7'10" width x 15'10" length
max depth 6'                                max depth 5'5"                        max depth 5'6"

                 Apollo                                       Aquarius                                             Corona
7'10" width x 15'10" length
max depth 4'

                    Orion                                              Galileo                                           Utopia

      Crystal Palace Fiberglass Pools
Whether you’re looking to create a tropical haven, a beach-front inspired seascape, or a contemporary re-creation of your last getaway, Crystal Palace Pools has a design to create the pool of your fantasy.

The Barracuda
            16' X 40'                           14' X 32'                      12' X 28'
        depth 3'6" to 7'                 depth 3'6" to 6'           depth 3'6" to 5'

The Diamond

                16' X 40'                            14' X 30'                          12' X 25'
          depth 3'6" to 7'                depth 3'6" to 5'6"              depth 3'6" to 5'


The Dragonfly

        16' X 40'                                14' X 31'                         12' X 24'
    depth 3'6" to 7'                    depth 3'6" to 6'            depth 3'6" to 5'6"

The Seabream

               16' X 38'                              14' X 30'                    12' X 24'
          depth 3'6" to 7'                   depth 3'6" to 6'        depth 3'6" to 5'6"

The Stargazer

         16' X 36'                   14' X 30'                  12' X 23'           10' X 20'
  depth 3'6" to 6'6"   depth 3'6" to 6'       depth 3'6" to 5'6"   depth 3'6" to 4'6"

The Unicorn

          16' X 36'                            14' X 30'                        12' X 26'
    depth 4'6" to 6'6"                 depth 4'6" to 6'             depth 4' to 5'

          10' X 20'                                12' X 26' w/spa
     depth 4' to 4'6"                        depth 4' to 4'8"
NEW for 2010!

The Rainbow

  Diving Equipment available
        16' X 40'
  depth 3'6" to 8'                               


Fiberglass Spa Collection.  Our Inground Fiberglass Spas are designed to fit our fiberglass pools.  Use together to create a dymamic pool and spa combo or seperately to create a private spa retreat.


           7' x 10'                              7' X 7'                         8'4" X 8'4"
          depth  3'                           depth 3'                        depth  3'

Additional Shapes and Sizes

 size   12'x15'                           8'9" x14'3"                     12'x25'
size  9'6" x 21'                    12' x 26'                          16' x 35'               
size   10' x 20'                      12' x 25'                         15' x 34'   
size   12' x 25'                          16' x 40'                                      12' x 25'7"         

size  14' x 30'                               14' x 30'                             16' x 33'
size  9' x 16'                             16' x 38'                             14' x 28'

size 16' x 40'                         16' x 40'                                    15'8" x 38'
size  9'6" x 14'6"                         14' x 30'                           12' x 24'
size  14' x 31'6"                               15' x 34'                        14' x 30'
size  14' x 30'                                            Lap Pool  7'7" x 39'

size  Lap Pool  11'10" x 39'    Also available up to 45' lengths

size      10'                             10'                             8'4" x 8'4"

size   8' x 10'                                 8' x 10'                              8' x 12'5"
size  7' x 7'                          7'8" x 7'8"                      7'8" x 7'8"

  Fiberglass Pools Colors and Finishes

Color finishes are available on all fiberglass pool designs.  Add a rich deep color to your fiberglass pools finish.  Many colors and finishes to choose from.....

Diamond Finish........  add sparkle to your pool water!



All of our Fiberglass Glass Pools are constructed using the finest materials available and much more of it. 

Our designs set us apart from the competition, The manufacturer listened to what the consumers where asking for in a fiberglass pool and built them based on this information.  Our designs offer seating ledges, tanning decks, splash zones all with sleek designs.    Latham Int. the largest pool manufacturer in the world and a name you can truly trust for quality, warranty and craftmanship. 

Simply choose a pool you like and our design team will create a full 3D image of your new pool in your yard.  Best part is...... it is FREE of charge. 








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